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Free spirit. Hippie. Vagabond child. This is what my parents have always called me. I've lived my life free of constraints, and it has led me on one hell of an adventure that I call my life.
My jobs have been endless and never the same: snow cone maker, diner cleaner, server, bartender, EMT, patient care technician, 1800-Flowers, limo driver, massage therapist, and photographer...just to name a few. I've traveled and lived in several different states trying to find my "home", and I have found it here in Key West, Florida.
From life experience, I've found that I can pretty much talk to anyone, and see the beauty that is life in all that is around us. This is what I try to capture in my images. My passion.
Life is my passion. Not the mundane. Not the cubicle, or the bank account. All those things in life that get our adrenaline pumping, our hearts racing, and smiles on our faces....LIFE.

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